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If you can’t find the answer you are looking for somewhere on this page, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about Internet Marketing, or AdEdge, or both (or neither). We’re very happy to help!

  • What are the main types of Digital Marketing?
  • Why do I need Digital Marketing for my business?

    You will reach a greater number of qualified prospects with Digital Marketing than you ever could with traditional methods, for two very logical reasons:

    1. The people you reach are already searching for or thinking about a solution like yours, so they are in an engaged frame of mind when they see your ad.

    2. The robust, interactive nature of the ads we can create these days means that a prospect can become a lead or a paid customer in a matter of only a few quick clicks

  • Does Digital Marketing work?

    Yes, Digital Marketing will work for you, as it will for any organization, provided it is done

    At AdEdge, we go to great lengths to develop as complete an understanding of your organization’s industry, targets, marketing goals, timing and budget as we possibly can. From there, we develop a strategy that is perfect for your business, implement it and then micromanage it for performance.

    You can build your brand, generate site traffic, attract and engage prospects on social networks, build positive press and buzz, generate leads and make sales.

    You need to know that not all Digital Marketing channels work for all situations. We put a lot into determining which channels are likely to work for you and will recommend budget allocation shifts, as needed, once performance data becomes available.

  • What kind of performance do your existing clients see?

    Good question! Results vary greatly between industries and areas, and not all Digital Marketing channels allow successes to be easily measured. However, we can distinguish between success and failure, and happily report that we run successful campaigns in all areas of Internet Marketing.

    At AdEdge, we have become really good at building effective, brand-and-awareness-boosting banner advertising campaigns, with Click Through Rates (CTRs) in the 0.2-0.3% range. For search-based campaigns, we expect to see CTRs in the range of 0.8-1.3%. Our clients agree that an average of approximately 5-20% of clicks result in what they would call a valuable visit, based on analyzed data.

  • Which type of Digital Marketing works best?

    The unsurprising, truthful answer is: it depends. Different types of marketing work well for different goals and industries.

    You can get excellent results from correctly targeted banner advertising campaigns that precisely capture your subject matter and demographics. This makes a positive first impression on your audience and will generate strong brand awareness and association. You will of course also be able to generate leads and make sales when the ads are clicked.
    Paid search works best for lead generation and sales of low to mid-priced items. A good search ad attracts attention, presents a solution that relates specifically to the searched term and presents a Call To Action (CTA), teaser or next step.

    If your business offers regular product or service updates, or has news to share, you’ll likely find that building an email list and serving it through email drip campaigns is the most cost-effective way to convert your leads into customers. Especially if you sell mid to high-end products and services.

    Social media marketing campaigns work well in industries that lend themselves to light conversation or regular customer engagement – think car washes, restaurants, beauty services. But if, for example, you sell industrial products, we would probably recommend other channels.

  • How much does it cost? What kind of budget should I allocate?

    Once again, it depends, but the old adage holds true: You still have to spend money to make money.

    Rather than approaching your Internet Marketing budget in terms of dollars, think of it in terms of a percentage of your total marketing budget, which should, in turn, be a percentage of your revenue.

    If you are a small-medium businesses, the prevailing logic is that you’ll maintain market share by spending around 5% of revenue on marketing, which should grow you roughly 10%. Depending on your business, Digital Marketing should account for 10-40% of that 5%.

  • How do I know I am getting a good, honest value?

    The truth is, with many firms, you don’t. But we believe you should, so at AdEdge, we have decided to make a stand.

    We are 100% transparent about our fee structure. You’ll always know the split between passthrough costs charged by Google, Bing, Facebook, etc., and our fees. You can see exactly where your dollars are going.

    We wholly reject the “set it and forget it” approach to Digital Marketing that is all too common these days. As a valued client, you always get our best optimization efforts, backed up with custom monthly reports that detail the most recent work we have done to improve your campaign’s performance.

  • How do I know how well my Digital Marketing is working?

    You receive weekly activity reports and monthly custom narrative reports, which include an executive summary – don’t worry – in case you haven’t the time or desire to indulge in the raw data. If you do, you’ll really appreciate our detailed reporting on each key performance indicator, including: number of impressions, number of clicks, cost per click, click-through rate, quality score and total cost.

    Analyzing your campaign is critical, but we think you need even deeper insight. We use Google Analytics to measure post-click performance, generating a total value for every paid visit to your website. This value is based on the number of pages viewed, which pages were viewed, and any actions taken that indicate a lead or sale. We work closely with you to rank these activities in a way that you find meaningful.

    This deeper layer of data lets us further optimize your campaign, and helps you fully understand how each of your Digital Marketing channels is performing.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Having read all of that, the next step is to contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to meeting you, and appreciate your obvious commitment to due diligence.