Our average client sees a
60% jump in
website traffic
after launching a new campaign.

Forget “shotgun marketing”
we micro-target your banner
ads by location, demographics …even search history.

“We Make Internet Marketing
Work Better” isn’t just a slogan.
We offer better results than many larger agencies.

Digital Marketing for Yacht, Boat and Marine Industries
Trusted by Clients Since 2007.

Marketing and selling boats can sometimes seem like the wild west. Here at AdEdge, we understand boat owners, we know how they think and we can reach them with attractive images and messages about your company and your products in a way that builds your brand, generates trust and preference, and connects them with your company. Everything we do is about connecting with boaters, driving them to your website and ultimately, increasing sales. Learn how we can help you establish a presence and leadership role online and begin to leverage digital marketing to drive a new, untapped source of customers to your business.

Contact AdEdge today to learn more about digital marketing for the marine industry. 

As a boat owner for over 20 years and marketer for 25, I get boat owners – who they are, what they need and don’t want, what they want and can’t afford. It’s a unique industry. Knowing how to connect with the right people in the right place at the right time, makes all the difference. I’d love to connect and show you how we can help.

A Note From our President

Digital Marketing for the Marine Industry - The Process:

  • Identify your current challenges, competitive pressures and goals
  • Create a plan that builds your brand, by improving recognition, trust and preference
  • Create attractive visual and verbal ads that entice, excite and engage boaters
  • Utilize inbound marketing and website tools to drive website visitors and leads
  • Optimize all marketing channels to drive low cost leads and increase ROI
  • Report the performance of all marketing channels including organic and paid

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