Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Reach Your Customers First

Your customers search on mobile devices more than computers. These days, especially after Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ update, you need a mobile-responsive site. A great mobile site must be finger-friendly and easy to read and navigate. And, yes, that’s how we make them, great!

How Mobile Ads Work

Less space on mobile screens means getting noticed in searches is tough. Luckily, mobile paid search and banner ads get you more screen real estate than on desktops, and for a better price! Add trackable, click-to-call 800-numbers, and your business can really take off.

You're In Luck!

Here at AdEdge, we’re expert at Mobile Marketing. Because we’ve been creating mobile sites for some of our more savvy customers since day one, we’ve made it a company-wide priority to stay ahead of the latest developments in Mobile Paid Search and Banner advertising.

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