Google Partner

One of the most common concerns we hear at AdEdge is how to become more visible. People ask us “How do I get my name out there more?” “How do I get my business noticed?” “How do I move higher on Google search?” All valid questions! There are many ways to beef up your visibility and increase your site traffic. One of our most effective strategies is the use of paid search via Google AdWords. With Paid Search, you are reaching customers and clients who are searching for your products and services right now.  This is something we help businesses with nationwide from our offices in Westport, Connecticut.  We’ve been doing it for over 10 years!

Help with AdWords

Though we often recommend Paid Search, we don’t recommend you go it alone. Anyone can set up an “AdWords Express” account. It’s super easy and it’s super simple. The problem is, easy and simple is rarely good and that’s especially true in the case of AdWords. Targeting is extremely limited and advanced tactics don’t exist in AdWords. As you can see, the world of online advertising can be a confusing place, and Google may seem like a complicated and distant entity.  And they are.  Have you ever tried getting Google on the phone for help?  When dealing with Google AdWords, we highly suggest you utilize a special connection to that big search engine in the Internet sky. Or should we say “cloud?”  That special connection is us.

AdEdge has an extra special connection to Google. We are proud to say, we’re a Google AdWords Partner. This means Google tested us, and we passed! To become a certified Google Partner, an agency has to demonstrate expertise by not only passing exams; it also must show a certain level of agency and client revenue growth, as well as continue to retest and pass annual exams.

Extra Help from Google

Here at AdEdge, we’re not your run-of-the-mill partner.  Unlike most partners, we have access to two account representatives assigned to us by Google. These representatives are available to help us anytime we need to resolve any issues or have any specific questions. They help us expedite new campaign approvals and advise us quarterly on tactics for optimizing client campaign performance.

One more advantage about our special connection with Google is beta testing. Last year, AdEdge was accepted into Google’s advertising beta testing platform. What does that mean?  It means that our clients have access, through us, to test out Google’s latest digital marketing technologies. At AdEdge, we only work with the latest and greatest tactics – tactics that improve your performance and beat your competition to the punch.

In a market that can at times seem like the Wild West, AdEdge calmly offers you brilliant, customized, high-ROI Internet Marketing for a reasonable, transparent price. Our focus is your success.

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