Say goodbye to Google Plus! Google has officially announced that they will be shutting down the Google+ social network on April 2nd.

Why this decision? Google is well known for being one of the giants in the online world, so where did they go wrong with Google+? They gave several reasons for the shutdown including the network’s low usage, and struggling to live up to expectations; however the main reason is rooted in a security issue they encountered which left a large number of users exposed online to third party app developers. Google has decided that due to the poor performance and security issues, Google+ was simply no longer worth keeping around.

So, what does this mean for you? If you use Google+, now would be a great time to save all of the photos and content on your page, if you haven’t already. Also, you’ll obviously want to invite any of your Google+ users to one or more of your other social media accounts. Google will soon begin deleting pages and disabling new posts. All images will be backed up to Google Photos but you may want to record/archive the posts you’ve made in the past. The deletion does not affect other Google services. Your Google account, which is linked to services such as Gmail, YouTube and Maps, will continue to operate unchanged.

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