Google has started a new “cleaning house” policy of removing AdWords ads, campaigns, and ad groups that have been un-used. This new policy started in the week of May 23, 2015 when Google began deleting ads that had not received any impressions and had not been used within 100 days. Part 2 of Google’s clean-up plan is happening this summer.

Starting this month, Google will no longer allow AdWords campaigns or ad groups that have been deleted from your account to be restored or re-activated. Campaigns and ad groups that have been deleted (paid search and display) will be permanently gone. This is already the case for ads and Google is extending this policy to campaigns and ad groups.

In order to keep your account data, there are two simple solutions. Either keep up-to-date with your AdWords account or pause your account. If an ad is not performing well, brainstorm ways to improve the ad so that it will receive more impressions. A small change such as making it “phrase match” to “broad match” could be the answer. Even campaigns that are running a very low budget such as $1 day will be saved.  If you run a seasonal business such as swimming pool maintenance or painting, simply pause your campaigns rather than turning daily budget down to zero.  This will insure that your campaign is ready to go when the busy season hits.