You may or may not have heard, but in mid-October, Adwords will be changing what it defines as a conversion. This will affect the appearance of your columns as well as your reporting. If you see a change or a drop in your conversions, don’t fret. It’s not you, it’s Google.

And luckily for you, AdEdge is ready to help you adapt to the upcoming change.

Perhaps you’d like to know how conversions used to be set up?

In most cases, each conversion added to AdWords could be set to either “on” or “off”. This determined if it should count when optimizing for conversions, or not. Regardless of their setting, the conversions appeared in the conversion column and reports.

For example, filling in a contact form could be set to “off” while a download was set to “on.” Google would have considered both of these actions to be conversions. They would both show up in the conversions column and reports.

So what’s changing, you ask?

Well, from now on:

  • Only conversions set to “on” will appear in the conversion column and the reporting.
  • In Adwords, Estimated Total Conversions will change to Total Conversions, and Conv (opt.) will change to Conversions.
  • The old Conversions section will be gone. Old conversions will no longer count in conversion reports.

In time, this change will trickle down and could affect your conversion rate. But with the right modifications, your conversion reporting will not change. You will be able to keep your conversion rate high.

If you want any help with this, get in touch – AdEdge is here to take your AdWords success to the next level.