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Do you make or sell apps?! If so, you’ll love that you can now place search ads on the Google Play store. Google started testing the ads in February, and have just released them. They are now available to all AdWords Advertisers. Are you already wondering how to access the program? It’s available to any advertisers currently using Adwords’ Search App Install ad campaigns. Check it out!

Keyword searches determine which ads show. For example, if someone is searching for a game app, then a sponsored game app ad will appear in their results. Can you think of any better way to increase your app installation rates?

What’s more, they’ve added an improved and easy-to-use conversion tracking solution for Android devices! According to Google, “In addition to providing app conversion tracking across Search, Display and YouTube, this new solution also allows developers to better align the conversion volume they see in AdWords with the data they see in a third-party measurement solution.”

This program works with Google’s Universal App Campaign. It’s easy to advertise your app on a multitude of Google properties, like Youtube, Search and Display Network.

If this new service sounds like what you’ve been looking for – and you have an app you need to advertise – then you should contact AdEdge today!