Google Alert: Google’s adding new review ratings features! If you want to make a splash this summer, use this powerful new feature to increase your click-through-rates and search performance. Your ratings appear as part of the ad, next to the location data. Although you’ll need at least 30 reviews from the past year in order to use this feature, they can come from a wide variety of sources – Facebook, Yelp, City Search and other sites like those!

Reviews can be the difference between a customer that browses and a customer that buys from your business. A half star can be all that separates you from your closest competitor. Think about how many times you’ve used your smartphone to search for a local business! As the trend to mobile continues to skyrocket, review ratings will become crucial to improving your click-through-rate and enticing customers to pick your business.

Fantastic review ratings, coupled with great Paid Search and local SEO strategies, will heat your business up this summer and melt your competition.

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