Google recently released its new algorithm, Mobilegeddon. According to Google, “In fact, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” More people are viewing websites on their mobile devices, and in order to take advantage of this mobile trend, your business website needs to be user-friendly.

The key to a great mobile website is a great user experience. It must be easy to navigate, have a call to action, display well on different sized smart phone screens, present compatible content and easy-to-read text. If you have a great mobile website, people will view your company in a positive light, and it will also result in additional time spent and interaction on your website. If your mobile website is hard to read and not finger friendly, your prospect will hit the “back” button and move onto the next result in the list – most likely, a direct competitor.

While a mobile-friendly website is likely to improve your rank in Google’s search engine, it does not guarantee a top position in natural search. In fact, there are fewer opportunities to show up naturally on a mobile device than a laptop or desktop. If your business is in a competitive industry, showing up on page one of the natural results may be a real challenge. Thankfully, there is a solution – an alternative to SEO.

Paid search and mobile banner advertising can eliminate the mobile SEO challenge. Paid search for your mobile website and mobile banner advertising are still relatively new digital marketing technologies. The competition for advertising in this new space is still light and as a result, costs for ad impressions and clicks are still quite reasonable. In many cases, paid search and banner advertising for mobile is more affordable than desktop marketing.

Attack mobile from multiple fronts. Start with a great mobile website that improves both your mobile and desktop natural rank and fill in the gaps with a paid search and banner advertising campaign. Prospective clients are more likely to find you resulting in 1) positive branding and awareness for your company, 2) an increase in website traffic and 3) more leads and sales!