There’s old news and new news here. The old news is, you can put a FREE 800 number on your paid search ads using Google Ad Extensions. There are three benefits to doing this: 1) Propsects who call from your ad rather than click save you the cost of a click. No cost leads are a good thing. 2) If your competitors aren’t doing this, your phone number will stick out and your ad will attract those who prefer to call. 3) Calls to your 800 number can be tracked along with clicks. Google’s call conversion tool is new!

The 800 number on your ad will show on your website for up to 90 days to prospects who clicked on your ad. If you’re worried about brand, fear not; the phone number can be made to match your website style with the correct color, font and size. Google calls this “a powerful way to identify and measure calls from a website that occur after an ad click” …and we agree. According to Google, approximately 70 percent of mobile searches result in a call made directly from an ad. With this new tool, marketers are now able to get a better read on which keywords and ads are driving the most leads, whether they come from clicks or calls.