Implementing an SEO project? Don’t make the “Ready, Fire, Aim” mistake and glaze over keyword research. You need the best possible keywords to make your investment pay off. Start by thinking about keywords that matter from a customer perspective.

Which words do your customers use when asking about your product or service? Think about face-to-face conversations and phone calls you’ve had with prospective customers. Dig into emails, Contact Us forms, surveys, social media… any place where you can uncover real-world keywords coming directly from your customers fingertips. Rummaging through customer communications for keywords, you might be surprised or even enlightened by what you find. If you are running a paid search campaign or if you use Google Analytics, use these tools to test your new keywords and find winners. Like most internet marketing tactics, a successful SEO campaign requires both research and creativity, left brain and right brain. This is just one tactic we use at AdEdge to identify valuable and relevant keywords that will deliver the best possible results for our SEO projects.