You know you’re a great marketer when you’re stuck in the highway traffic that’s entirely bumper to bumper, and all you’re thinking of is, “why can’t I direct this much traffic to my website?”

Businesses of all sizes and niches struggle to drive traffic to their sites, so you’re not alone. A 2020 Content Marketing Institute survey found that 63 percent of content experts face hurdles in finding the right experts for content strategy, one of the leading site traffic drivers.

Between creating social media posts, writing new blog posts, and creating a robust email marketing campaign, it can be challenging to look back to see the things that drive traffic to your website and those that don’t. But despite the hurdles, it’s still doable.

This comprehensive guide takes you through the value of quality site traffic and the steps to grow your traffic, generate quality leads, and improve your bottom line.

The Value of Quality Website Traffic

Apart from familiarizing potential clients with your business, your website should allow new visitors into your funnel and convert them into clients.

This way, your site traffic becomes a crucial business growth indicator and driver. It can help you:

  • View your marketing strategy’s effectiveness
  • Gather audience insights for critical decisions
  • Enhance your search engine credibility and rankings
  • Generate quality leads, boost conversions, and expand your client base

Yet you must drive digital traffic to your site the right way and focus on quality traffic to enjoy the benefits.

Site traffic improves your rank and ultimately generates more traffic, but this improvement should align with an increase in engagement. Otherwise, you aren’t targeting the right traffic.

You can optimize your site for conversion in many ways, but you must begin with attracting the right website visitors. Your overall objective is to drive more qualified individuals highly likely to become leads and customers.

How to Grow Your Website Traffic Immediately

Different strategies can help you increase visitors to your site. The following are the most effective:

Leverage Video Content

Creating video content for your audiences can impact your site traffic substantially. In a Wyzowl survey, 86 percent of marketing experts acknowledge increasing their website traffic through video content. According to a Cisco whitepaper forecast, 82 percent of all IP traffic (consumer and business) would comprise video IP traffic by 2022.

So, create a YouTube channel where you post intriguing regarding your products and informative tutorials on using them. Make sure you link your site content to relevant YouTube videos.

Content Creation

Creating content through blogging is an effective way to attract the right customers. Informative blogs help you cast your net on an expansive audience group, labeling you as an industry expert and credible source of valuable insights.

You have to create content that attracts the ideal visitors to achieve the best results. Here’s how to create great content:

  • Identify your perfect customer – Knowing your audience lets you publish content that attracts them to your site naturally.
  • SEO research – Learn what your target audience searches for on the web to provide content that answers their needs.
  • Create a draft – Draft a post that addresses searchers’ questions while using interesting angles to stand out.
  • Publishing – Publish the post and optimize the content using SEO tools.
  • Promote – Market your posts on email newsletters and social media to generate traffic.

Identifying your Target Customer Profiles

You must understand your audience to effectively address their desires, interests, struggles, objectives, and pain points. It’s the best way to create content that speaks your potential customer’s language and generates more clicks.

Here are the tools and tactics for in-depth audience insights:

  • Market research through analyzing social and search data, reviewing competitor analytics, and working with focus groups and research consultants
  • Surveying your current customers about their experience and any areas that need improvement
  • Conducting context-specific polls and surveys on different website pages
  • Discussions with your support team to learn your audience’s problems
  • Checking out Google analytics

Email Marketing

This approach uses your current customers and readers to generate site traffic. In a recent HubSpot report, about 80 percent of marketers acknowledged increasing their website engagement and traffic at the end of 2020 after implementing an email marketing strategy.

Create a prospective leads’ list to include in your funnel and send appropriate email marketing content. Share newsletters, product launch information, your latest offers, and more. Remember not to spam your audience and clients with emails as they can unsubscribe.

Optimize Older Content

Optimization involves updating older content to target the current customer, generate traffic, and convert leads.

The years-old blogs must be optimized to generate significant organic traffic, increase your social media followers and blog subscribers, and add value to your repository of old posts. You’ll use the content creation procedure to determine what you need to add, remove, or update in the older content.

Learn to Use SEO Tools

Understanding ESO tools like SEMrushAhrefs, and Google Analytics will help you create a targeted content strategy to drive more digital traffic to your site.

You’ll analyze and learn what’s working and what isn’t and develop valuable content ideas.

Improve your Keyword Game

SEO can immensely grow your website traffic, but the old-school strategies are no longer effective. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm came with new rules. Instead of checking keywords, the search engine now understands topics. That’s why you must learn to use LSI keywords.

In essence, these are phrases or words related to your target keyword, and you can use tools like LSI Graph to find them. The more terms you include in your content, the more relevant your post seems to the topic. As such, your content will stand out.

Utilize Online Directories

Online directories are valuable website traffic builders for brick-and-mortar stores. Search engines use local content, links, social profile pages, and citations to gather local search information and provide relevant results based on the user’s location.

Tools like Moz Local and Google My Business can help you manage your citations and directory listings to make your business stand out in local searches.

Use your data

Analyzing your business data from different sources lets you understand the content your audience prefers. For instance, top-performing pages allow you to learn their interests, referral traffic shows the origin of site visitors, and keywords reveal the most common search terms. When you combine these insights, you’ll create a strong user persona to define your current strategy.

Get Professional Help to Boost Traffic to Your Site

The above strategies grant an edge in the highly competitive digital space. But an experienced digital marketing expert will give you an upper hand, helping you achieve your goals faster without making common mistakes or using tools that would harm your traffic.

That’s precisely what AdEdge Digital Marketing offers.

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