A website is a valuable digital asset that can transform the sales function if utilized effectively. The sales process has shifted from a single engagement with a client to relationship building and provision of value.

Optimizing your website for lead generation is a critical process that makes it possible to convert website visitors into prospects and sales. The ideal website should act as a sales funnel that readily attracts, warms, and closes leads.

The average conversion rate stands at 2.63%, which means for every 100 visitors, only a paltry three become buyers. To that end, business owners must work on ways to improve the numbers.

Here are a few ways to optimize your website.

1. Enhance the Site’s User Experience

As you gear up for lead generation and conversion, the site should offer a friendly experience to users. A great user experience extends the time a site visitor spends on your site. This is directly related to a high conversion rate.

Here’s what you can do to enhance the user experience.

  • Make Your Site Mobile Friendly: Approximately 92% of worldwide internet users access the internet using mobile devices. Therefore, website owners must work on their structure, size, and orientation to accommodate the large percentage of mobile users. You can create a mobile responsive site by compressing images, eliminating large paragraphs, using portrait orientation in videos, and applying light themes.
  • Enhance General Usability: Create an intuitive design that helps users to quickly fulfill their objectives with minor hurdles. Place the navigation links at a standard location for easy access across all pages.
  • You can also improve the user experience by reducing the number of fonts, contrasting colors, and applying large and legible texts. A design that offers seamless usability reduces bounce rate, which complements your lead generation efforts.
  • Enhance Site Speed: Internet users are likely to leave websites that load in more than three seconds. The delay leads to a high bounce rate that hurts the site SEO, user experience, and lead conversion efforts.

2. Include Lead Generation Forms

The role of a lead generation form is to collect information required to generate or nurture leads. However, it’s essential to take a progressive approach that requires prospects to fill in minimal details at the initial stages.

A cleaning company can create a lead generation form attached to a free quote. It can also improve the effectiveness of the lead generator by including visual cues like arrows or contact details to encourage additional actions from leads.

It’s vital to conduct an audit to determine the pages that generate the most traffic. The different sources bring unique site visitors, which is why you need to customize each landing page. You might be receiving visitors from blog posts, Live Chat, social media, or an email subscription list.

Here’s how you can optimize the landing pages for lead generation and conversion.

  • Use Page Analytics: Use page analytics to understand how each page contributes to your leads and sales. If landing page A has a 1% conversion rate compared to landing page B with 5%, there’s an opportunity to benchmark. You can then improve landing page A using superior attributes from landing page B.
  • Keep the Form Neat: Lead generation forms with unnecessary fill-in details record low conversion rates. Remove the unnecessary fields to increase the probability of attracting leads. You can utilize A/B testing to compare different versions of landing pages you may have in other areas.

3. Add Visually Rich Testimonials

The modern customer relies on reviews or proof from other customers to trust a new product. It’s therefore vital to spruce up your testimonials, which will boost credibility and your ability to attract clients. Testimonials with rich media may include videos, images, and screenshots.

Although they may add to your site size and bandwidth requirements, it’s a powerful tool to improve your lead scoring and conversion abilities. For instance, you can include the reviewer’s image to boost its credibility instead of adding plain text.

Equally, you may add logos of companies that have used and approved your products. Besides the visual impression, you’ll tap on the power, popularity, and trust that the brand holds. A screenshot of reviews from Yelp can indicate the brand has genuine customers who have tried the products. Ultimately, the role of a testimonial is to create an emotional conviction or appeal that holds the power to convince a lead who may be indifferent.

4. Develop a Custom Built Website

Most ready-made sites cannot fulfill your lead generation efforts. You’ll find missing pieces ranging from fonts, color, orientation, and other technical aspects. As such, it’s vital to invest in an affordable site that’ll complement your lead generation goal.

First, you can work on the technical aspects to improve the SEO features of your site. It can range from optimizing URLs, site maps, removing crawling restrictions, or conducting a link audit to find errors. It’s also crucial to fix navigation, visual impression, and blog functionality.

The ideal site should capture your customer base, which is why it’s vital to work closely with a web developer to make the site persuasive and create a site that mirrors your brand identity.

5. Optimize Each Stage of the Sales Journey

If a website visitor reads a blog with the title “10 benefits of social media marketing”, the ideal offer should promote social media services. Other conflicting offers like web development can distort the sales journey.

In addition, customers don’t assume a linear sales journey, necessitating the need to optimize all interaction points. Create a Call-to-Action(CTA) that is simple, concise, and compelling. You can embed an image to capture the attention of your audience or leads.

The open rate of ‘Thank you’ emails— sent after a successful subscription —  is twice as much as regular emails. That said, businesses can tap them to send offers that are relevant to the source page.


An optimized website puts your business in a strategic position to attract leads and grow your sales. You can generate leads effectively using a custom-built site, optimizing interaction points, and a defined nurturing process.

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