Find Your Voice

What’s your favorite way to receive information on the Internet?

For many people, it’s interactive content.

Consumers increasingly are becoming more sophisticated. It’s no longer enough just to create a message and share it with anyone you can. Consumers want to interact with and experience your message. They don’t want to read or hear your message. They want to share with you and your brand.
Give them content that will allow them to be social.

Surveys show that 85-90% of consumers want more visual and interactive content.
Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet for socializing and meeting others with similar interests. Depending on what products or services you sell, being there to interact and “socialize” with prospective clients can help build your brand and nurture virtual, digital relationships with prospective clients.

Another likely reason consumers seek interaction with brands is because the digital marketing space has become so crowded. Over 70% of marketers are creating more content than they did just one year ago. Consumers are being bombarded with messages from all directions when they’re online. The messages most likely to get through the noise are those that are relevant, visual, interesting and interactive.

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is content that requests the participants’ active engagement. More than just reading or watching, interactive content requires active interaction, prompting viewers to respond or share or comment or post their own experiences.Interactive content is more engaging. Consumers want an experience, not a commercial.

Interactive content can boost traffic and sharing. Consumers like interactive content, and they share content they like.

Interactive content, including quizzes and polls, let users provide instant feedback and can boost brand loyalty.

Examples of interactive content include:

•Interactive info graphics — The brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text.
•Polls and surveys
•Assessments and personality tests.
•360 degree video tours
•Photo Galleries