Digital marketing has made a major turn during the last few months as the Coronavirus affected business. During this time, your content marketing has probably been altered. Don’t let that stop you from creating content that users want to read. After all, we all need to prepare for this next week and the slow transition back to a somewhat normal life. Not even sure we can say normal because things won’t be completely normal for some time. However, let’s build on what we know and keep up ways to prepare for this time. So, I want you to ask yourself these five questions when developing your content over the next few months. 

Is my content relevant?

Your audience wants to relate to the content you share. Whether they are social media posts, blogs, or video segments on Youtube, they want specific content to share to their platforms. Being able to evoke the “I feel the same way,” or “This is so me,” emotions in your posts will get those clicks and share. The more content that is relevant not only to your audience but to your brand will help them identify the two together. Your main goal with content is to obtain a type of feeling, provide them with a solution, or inspire them. You got this!

Do I have a call to action?

For emails, social posts, blogs and videos, give them a reason to want to know more information about your business. Some of the best content can miss a share if the user doesn’t think about clicking the button. Encouraging your audience to share your content by commenting with a tag of a persons’ name on social, sharing your video because it relates, or giving them a way to email or call from a blog. Although it may seem redundant and simple, this is how leads are generated. Keep that in mind!

Is my content original?

Authenticity is what sets us apart from our competition. After all, what’s the fun in having 50+ businesses with the same content? BORING. While sharing popular, trending memes to boost engagement, there are other ways. Creating content that is specific to your brand requires being innovative and creative. Why do you think some advertisements begin trending online? They are original and people want to support and be a part of that. Having an active online presence raises your brand visibility, and can directly impact retaining customers. When your audience can recognize and relate to you, they will want to share your content on their own page. 

If I were scrolling through social media, would I want to click?

Knowing what to post, at what time and on what platform can be difficult to figure out. The main thing to always remember is…KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. This goes hand-in-hand with knowing your platform. Visual content seems to respond best for engagement, which makes sense. Most people see videos and photos first before reading the caption. Keep in mind that just because you received 100 likes on Instagram does not mean the same will happen on our Facebook page. You have to adapt your content to make it platform friendly. Also, a major thing to never forget when doing so – follow the guidelines for video and photo sizing. 

What are the current trends, and how can I keep up?

Standing out from your competition with being original is very important, but knowing trends is also important. Taking those trending topics and making them your own is another way to create content. You can visualize new ideas and adopt the trending topics on your own terms. Having a reliable audience already that supports your content helps as well. 

Ask yourself these questions to better identify your content marketing efforts and if they are headed in the right direction. Keep your brand in mind when adjusting your content strategy, even if it is temporary. Content is constantly changing and it is our job to keep up with it as digital marketers.

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