We know there is a lot to see on social media about COVID-19 and how you can avoid or prevent it. However, most companies need to refrain from pulling back their marketing entirely. Here’s why. Most of our population is working remote, or have reduced hours due to the Coronavirus. What’s the result of this, you ask? Consumers and business owners are now online more than ever. They’re conducting more searches and scrolling through social media. Do you know what that means? I am glad you asked. Here are 5 tips on how to keep your digital marketing efforts going.

Content is Important

Understand what works for your business. Look for to develop a new content strategy around the Coronavirus and creating a safe place online for your clients, partners, etc. As most people have put a hold on their plans for the beginning of 2020, content is also a good way to keep them engaged. So, after you have addressed the Coronavirus and made your statement online, take that time to ramp your content for the long haul. Maybe your sales are down, or clients have cut their costs. However, this is now in your favor. Customers can read, research and consume this engaging content now. Build your brand reputation through engaging blogs, social posts, and email newsletters because they’re stuck at home. Keep in touch with them. And while building that content, make sure it is still relevant to your target audience.

Your Target Audience is Online Now More

Have you thought about better ways to connect with your target audience? You most likely already have this defined since your business hasn’t changed in that aspect. However, understanding what they want to read during this time of reduced spending is key. How can you capitalize on the research, discovery and awareness stages to convince them, when they are financially ready to buy again.

Make it Easy for Customers

I’m sure it probably sounds easy to you, but conversion rate still has an entire industry dedicated to it. Being able to drive users is partial art and partial science. Now is the time to take a deeper look into your website and identify ways to better optimize for conversion. A website audit could be beneficial during this time.

Keep an Eye on Your PPC

Many industry leaders have reported that ad spend has increased due to customers shifting to online shipping. Overall, it seems the click-through rates are dropping especially for industries like auto, retail, home improvement and real estate. Even with revenue falling during the Coronavirus crisis, marketing and advertising spend is essential to stay in front of your consumers. Keep an eye on your PPC and adjust your spending and strategy.

Local Search Still Works

Local search is still important even though everyone is staying home to quarantine. Communicating through Google My Business listings is the best way to gain traffic during this time. Google has also instituted changes in local listings that include new reviews, review replies and Q&As. Freezing reviews is a smart way to protect businesses from frustrated customers during this time while businesses are limited. So, double-check your Google My Business listings to make sure it’s accurate.

Are you keeping up with your digital marketing efforts during this time? We want you to prepare your business for what’s to come after this passes and how your business can stay in business during, and after.

If you’d like a learn more about how social media marketing and advertising can help build your brand and drive a new source of targeted prospects to your website, feel free to contact us here at AdEdge at (203) 682-4585 or email us at info@adedgemarketing.com.