As we continue to be in this uncertain time in our business ventures, that doesn’t mean our marketing needs to end. Technology is our major source of communication, so let’s utilize it the best way we know how. Let’s not give up because our present efforts will ultimately decide the future of our business. It’s time up your marketing efforts because we will recover! How; you ask? SEO is how. Since spending money on advertising, lead generation, and other ads do not seem to be the best idea. However, businesses need a robust way to strengthen their brand’s position now and generate revenue in the future. SEO fits well into that goal so let me tell you more.

Your to-do list for SEO

Be aware of Timeliness and Relevancy

Your target audience hasn’t changed, so you know what your audience wants to read about. Be ready to leverage ways to come up with multiple communication materials to give your insights into the current situation. Don’t make the mistake of being ‘salesy’ because you don’t want to promote your business at a time like this. Come up with content that is a combination of business and current events in our world. Show them you are mindful of your surroundings and genuinely care to contribute.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Your content efforts around the Coronavirus will be considered wasted if the content cannot be found in search results. Be mindful! Whatever you decide to write, make sure it is optimized for better rankings. Hello, this is where SEO comes into play. Focus your efforts on all aspects of SEO – keywords, social media, website, link backs, etc.

Follow Along with Current Search Trends

What’s trending? Do you know? If you focus your efforts on SEO and PPC campaigns on a short-term basis, know what is trending. I cannot stress this enough. For example, schools are looking for different ways to connect with their students and their families. If you are looking to target schools to use your services, running SEM campaigns can bring a boost. Having relevant content answering searches can help.

Prepare Business for the Future

I don’t want to confuse you thinking that SEO will have immediate results if you never had it. SEO does take time and is a long-term strategy. However, cutting down your CURRENT SEO budget could negatively affect your business in the future. Another way to prepare for the future is by creating new landing pages, updating your website, improving the server, etc. There are several ways to benefit your business in the long run and how you can up your marketing efforts during a time of crisis.

Pay attention to cheap SEO

We know that cutting costs is almost essential for businesses right now. With that being said, they are going to be attracted to cheap SEO services. Don’t cut the corners for an expense that is worth utilizing. Now is the time to seek experts who will work to strengthen your SEO continuously. Cheap SEO services are equal to no rankings, no traffic, and maybe even some Google penalties once this pandemic is over.

Why should SEO be a focus during the Coronavirus Crisis? Here’s a list of why.

  • Get ahead of your competition
  • Position your brand for the future
  • Implement your future SEO initiatives
  • Identify future hurdles NOW
  • People are still searching for products and services

Although we cannot predict the impact of the Coronavirus and when it will slow down, we can still prepare our business for the future. SEO = a long-term strategy. The effort put in today will impact your business in the long run. So my advice to you is to start including paid and organic SEO in your marketing plans.

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