Let’s look at the silver lining. During COVID-19, you have an unprecedented opportunity to assess your business in meaningful ways. Revisit your marketing strategy, connect with your audience through social media, focus on online services, engage via email, and focus on projects that have been stuck on the back burner. Whether you decide to focus on one or all of these key strategies, you will see dividends from your investment once the world returns to a “new normal.”

Just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean your business has to come to a standstill. Do you feel your sales numbers decreasing? Your business may not be generating that ‘goal’ number you had in mind, but with a good digital marketing strategy, your business can get through this. Have an experimental approach to your business plan, change what doesn’t work for your business to get the best COVID marketing strategy possible. Your business can even come back stronger than before. How does that sound? Here are a few ways to adjust your marketing strategy for our current reality.

Revisit Your Overall Marketing Strategy

The fact that most people are now working from home instead of in an office is a pretty big shift. With it, your strategy needs to shift. Revisit your social media schedule. Communicating exactly as you had before as if nothing has changed, could be taken as insensitive or tone-deaf. Think about how to speak with clients and customers with the reality of our situation in mind, allay their fears and tell them that your business is OK …if it is. Alongside that, revisit your advertising. What ads are currently running that are no longer relevant? Let’s change those as well! Take this time to collaborate with your team to understand your customers and how their needs have changed.

Try to figure out how you can be a resource to your customers in our current environment and how they can safely interact with you …and then tell them! The best COVID marketing strategy will come from listening to your customers during this time. However, have a plan for when things begin to get back to normal. It will probably happen slowly but for certain seasonal businesses such as real estate or warm-weather industries, there will be pent up demand that could be released rather quickly. Be ready and get ready now to catch that business!

Social Media During COVID

Since we need to maintain social distancing, many people are turning to the next best thing to being there – social media! More people than ever are relying on Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels to connect. Use that to your advantage! Especially to our B2B friends out there, you have a rare and fleeting opportunity to get your brand in front of decision-makers on social media. Your messages and images will be noticed! Keep your sphere up to date on what’s going on with your company, your operations, and any products or services that are unaffected but make sure to keep the element of sensitivity in mind. In other words, don’t press for sales. Now’s not the time. After all, we are in this together and when reaching out to your customers, they should feel that as well. Save the sales pitch for later. Now is a good time to build brand and relationships.

Online Marketing Strategies Beyond COVID

As we all know, in-person events and conferences are most off-limits right now. Focusing on digital offerings right now is the best COVID marketing strategy. There is a lot of uncertainty around when brick and mortar or in-person events will be back. Double down on digital to prepare for that shift.

So, how can we connect with our business community online? Webinars are a good start, but even before going there try a live Facebook or Instagram video to start. It will feel a little off at first if you have never done one, but this could prepare you for your future online presence and can be something you continue to improve after the coronavirus. Although social media can be sudden, you still need to produce these videos that will engage your audience now and continue to benefit your business after the pandemic dissipates. The skills you learn now will be a huge asset in the post-Corona world where a virtual business is going to be far more common. Be a leader!

Engage Your Audience Via Email

Email marketing. Do you currently use it? If not, email is an inexpensive and effective tool to connect with your customers. We have all received lots of emails about the coronavirus in the last few weeks. Have you sent any emails out? If not, this could be the perfect way to begin a new customer retention program or just a good way to check in with your customers.

Since your customers and clients probably have more time to read emails than in pre-COVID, now’s a great time to reach them. When you email, instead of sending blanket emails about staying safe and keeping distance, etc., think about how your business is uniquely qualified to offer assistance with products and services that matter most right now. Not only is email marketing a great tool for now, but starting to learn how to better utilize for the future is a major plus for your business.

Work on Projects You Have Time For Now

Remember those projects that you’ve been putting off forever? Now’s the perfect time to dig in and get them done! …or cross them off the list for good. In the marketing world, this could include a webinar, a video series, updating your website, re-branding your company, creating a plan for podcasting, developing a white paper or case study, redesigning your website, developing a new product or service, or preparing for your next great marketing campaign.

One of the most overlooked projects for any brand is SEO. We released an SEO guide for anyone interested in improving how their brand shows up on search engines. Whatever the task may be, now’s a great time to revisit these big but old plans. For those of you who commute, take that time you would have spent driving, training, or walking to work and put it towards your projects!

Take some of these tips and think about how to shift your marketing to address current business needs. Shifting your business operations during this time will produce the best COVID marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is a powerful tool that can be easily adjusted to address shifting business needs and challenges and the needs and concerns of your clients. If you would like more industry-specific ideas about how to communicate with your customers and clients during our challenging times, feel free to schedule a call with us or email info@adedgemarketing.com. We’ll do our best to brighten your prospects for success …and brighten your day.